by Kerbivore

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beatyw Cannot stop listening to this album. I hope there is more to come. Favorite track: My Bed Is a Raft.
Robert Joyal
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Robert Joyal Thanks to The Best Show for turning me on to this great band. Come to play in Boston soon, please.
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released August 9, 2011



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Kerbivore Staten Island, New York

Staten Island, NY

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Track Name: Passing Through
Don't let this summer
Don't let that someone propel you down
Debris and ideas hit the fountain
Well I just started scattering us around

Don't let this summer
Don't let that something tire you out
You grieve and you doubt over nothing
Well I just started thinking myself aloud

All my weakness is coming your way
Open the window the weakness is coming your way

Don't let this summer
Don't let the sun destroy us now
Nothing will be here in the morning
Well I just started my passing through the clouds
Track Name: My Bed Is a Raft
I want to go swimming with you
I want to see a decision through
I want to make a revision or two

Sitting here like I'm 85 looking at pictures from 1985
Today I'll make it halfway through the archive

I want to go swimming with you
All my excuses are true
But rest assured I'm seeing something to pursue

Sitting here like I'm 85 looking at pictures from 1985
Tomorrow I'm looking to take the other half of the archive, anything that isn't mine
I'll be damed if I'm looking to see who's still alive
Track Name: From Now On
When two thoughts come together
You know they fall in love
One's from a familiar face
The other from somewhere above

Time set aside to fantasize
Forgive me if I don't render myself surprised
When you stare at a new set of power lines
and you say "Yes, this is where my future lies"

Why don't you park right by the cobblestone
We don't need another sudden death in this home
Learn you lesson from, from now on you stay behind
Right alongside Robinson No. 9

This is where my future lies
Track Name: Immunity To My Words
Another sip and I'll be sleeping
Another drink, immunity to my words
Are my thoughts presentations of what's in store for the best of us

Climbed this tree now here I sit
and I've boasted about my favorite things
Even if this means what I think it means
I wipe the past clear off my chin
Spreading myself way too thin

Comfortable on the second floor
Always on your second step
Catching glimpses down your hallway to see what I've already left

So independent means so confused on which narrow path to choose
Even if this means what I think it means
My made up story is without a theme
Forever appearing in my dreams
Remaining perfect you shall seem.

Even if this means what I think it means
I wipe the past clear off my grin
And fly my last sheets to the wind
Track Name: The Party Died Out
Wouldn't you like to do what you think is best
Your parties die out and leave such a mess
I'd help you clean up if I was ever considered a guest

Meet me at the foot of my bed
Where suggestions come too slow
I'll edit 'til there's nothing to show
Track Name: Now You're Desperate
It's not like you wanted
It's not like you ever wanted to see my face again
But here I come walking on in

And it's not like you wanted
It's not like you ever wanted to steal my space but then
the air has become so thin

It's not like you ever wanted
Not like you ever wanted to seal my fate again
Until someone else did
Now you're desperate
Track Name: Sno Caps
You were the greenest and the whitest season of the year
But I have to occupy my mind until you get here

Such anxiety over what always excited me
Pushing everyone's troubles aside seems like an eternity
Away for half the day but my coffee is strong
Don't want to be exposed or have the feeling I belong

Keep on losing face
We all need to be displaced
Track Name: JYD / Fixated
Converse with your ashes at night
Versus the company I keep
Pressed up against our years so tight
Now there's too much room for me to sleep

Immersed in affliction and fright
Fixated on reflections so bright
Can't take all that much to deconstruct
Now that half the family is fucked

The greatest of infidelities
Time forgives when it's necessity
Never meant to bring upon this harm

We're all part of the cut and paste
Don't hesitate on what you want to trace
Anticipate what I'm about to waste

What will it take for me not to tag along
The chances won't be here for long
Never meant to bring upon this harm
Track Name: Procrastinator
Ask my body to work for something
I believe it's rejecting what's new
You know it will make you feel better
But the writhing continues for you

You're stopping this progress for nothing
You're fogging up all visions and views
This could be a ticket to somewhere
But there's always a next time or two

I'm further than a distant cousin
I'm the furthest from a burning fuse
All servings come on silver platters
Don't know which utensils I'm to use

You never wanted to pull it off more
You never wanted to put it of more

Ask me tonight "Did you let patience be your guide?"
Or did I watch my confidence subside

There will be a reason behind this hanging fire
All the pieces I see remain apart
The things I pick up on when I'm put down
You have my attention now
Track Name: Home Recordings
I want to make home recordings
I want to sit and play with my belongings
Retire to my bathroom sink and forever watch the faucet blink

Spineless bastard begins to feed on the things he claims to need
Finds his parking spot outside, finds the reasons to go hide

Every little thing has gone and shaken my nerves
Discourage my thoughts so they can come to terms
Why don't you turn my blood into wine so I can watch my veins turn into vines

You remind me of someone
So deep and so troubled
Tired of all your mistakes and your worries about death
You made up my mind
The one that's so subtle
Lay deep underwater and I'll catch my breath

Protecting our blessings and cursing our shadows
All day conceiving and eating for two
You made up my mind
The one that's so subtle
Lay deep underwater and I'll catch my breath

All these home recordings I take to bed are levitating in my head

What you don't tell me is all that wish for
And all that I wish for is all I can't get
You made up my mind
The one that's so subtle
Lay deep underwater and I'll lay forever in your debt